Designing Data-Intensive Applications Chapter 1 Notes/Overview… Like for real, they are active recall notes for me.

Message me what you see.
  • Reliability — fault vs failure tolerance, different factors that can lead to bugs and errors, how to prevents those errors, faults, and failures.
  • Scalability — The ability of a system to grow in a way that makes sense in relation to its uniqueness.
  • Maintainability — How easily a system can be maintained relation to ease of use to upkeep
  • Stores Data — This is your conventional database, e.g. SQL, MongoDB, Aurora, Dynamo
  • Remembers result of expensive operations — Cache, e.g. Redis
  • Searches Indexes — Key Value Stores — Elastisearch from AWS
  • Streams Processes — Message Queues, e.g. Apache Kafka
  • Batch Processing —e.g. Azure Batch processing




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Anthony Johnson

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