Degen Moon Frens

  1. Allowing our community to create our community. The first thing we did was create a proprietary invite system that would allow for our OGs to hand-select people that wanted to bring into this community.
  2. A Free mint. We would give one NFT to each minter free of charge giving them the ability to share access with a loved one without any risk.
  3. An Education Platform. Education is free of charge to all holders that provides valuable skills they can take outside of this space.
  4. Sponsored Micro-events. Outside of our large community gatherings, we thought to ourselves “How can we ensure that all of our members are able to congregate in person?” and we came up with the community ambassador program where people can self-organize in their areas to create meaningful bonds with fellow degens.

Roadmap 1.0

Community Events

  • Micro Events sponsored by the community.
  • Large annual events for holders around key NFT events. (this is a given, i know)
  • Annual outdoor events. (think campgrounds, lakes, etc.)


  • Email/Text Market updates.
  • WL reminder texts.
  • Alpha text messages.
  • Access to in-house professionals and services.

Moon University


  • Full Stack Web Development (Phase 1)
  • Front End Web Development (Phase 1)
  • Data Structures and Algorithms (Phase 1)
  • Networking (Phase 1)
  • Interview Prep (Phase 1)


Q2-Q-3 2022.

Phase 1 Utility

  • Live Daily Classes from experts in the field.
  • Web Development.
  • One on One with Instructors.
  • Access to the Education Council.
  • Access to Recorded Classes and Materials.
  • Access to DegenMoonFrens buddy network.
  • Resume and Interview Prep.
  • Networking 101.




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